State Champs Building On Success


Victoria Betancourt, Editor in Chief / Sports Editor

Throughout Summer 2020, the ILS Varsity Cheerleading team has kept fit for their season. Although no one was allowed on campus, the team kept working from home and other places.

Coming off Immaculata-La Salle’s first ever state championship in a team sport, the ILS cheerleading team sought to build on last season’s success. At first, the team would do workout Zoom calls where the whole team would participate in whatever the workout of the day was. The calls were about an hour long and would help condition the girls so their skills would improve for the season.

On July 7th, the girls started doing voluntary practices off campus at a cheer gym. These practices were hosted by the gym, Step Ahead, and used a different coach other than the team’s usual coach. These were independent workouts done outside of the context of the school. The gym offered a Cheerleading Skills and Training classes for high school cheerleaders. 

They remained socially distanced at all times during conditioning. The girls recently stopped due to school starting. 

The team even had a virtual game night for a team bonding experience over the summer. It took place on July 19 with whoever was available to come from the team.

It consisted of break out rooms picked at random and games the whole team could play together. The activities included two truths and one lie and asking each other a list of questions to get to know each other better individually. 

The game night was hosted by the team’s captain, senior Sofia Peñas. She ran the whole meeting which went smoothly. The reason for the game night was due to the fact that the team couldn’t host their usual summer pool parties that they do yearly over the summer. 

“My favorite part about this was that it was a fun way for the girls to get to know each other in a fun way asking some random questions,” said head coach Coral Buxeda when asked about the night. 

The team hopes to get back to official practices on campus on September 22nd, but this is subject to change. In person try outs may happen soon, if interested please contact Coach Coral at