New School Year at ILS Starts Virtually


Ryan Desalle, Writer

As we begin a brand new school year virtually, Immaculata-La Salle high school has implemented some new rules and regulations for the temporary virtual school year.

The first two days have gone extremely well at ILS. Students have been following protocol and teachers are finding an easier way to connect with the students.

“Beginning my senior year virtually wasn’t the best expectation I had but ILS Is taking virtual learning seriously which makes me feel like I am in school. At first I wasn’t thrilled to be beginning my Senior year with no pep rally’s or senior spirit day but Lasalle has offered similar events virtually already,” said senior Andrea Piñate.

On Friday, ILS held their virtual spirit day for all seniors, and had a private Zoom meeting for them after school. Seniors were asked to join and show off there senior crowns and wear red the whole day to show off there senior pride.

“My first two days went every well and it was really smooth during the zoom meetings for me,” senior Adrian Cruz.

So far ILS has done a very immaculate job with marinating a learning environment from home. To begin with, ILS students are required to wear there school uniform at all times while being in a Zoom classroom. Just like on campus, students are required to be clean shaven, hair out of the eyes, no piercings, and all students must not have any inappropriate hairstyles and clothing.

During Zoom meetings student may also not have any virtual background and must show there full face during all times. The new guidelines is creating a similar environment of school while being at our homes.

ILS also hired many new teachers who started off there first year here virtually. So far being highly praised by all students for there first days as an ILS teacher.

Although we may be here virtually for now ILS is still making the best for its students and is continuing to provide as many fun and exciting events as possible. Hopefully soon we will be able to return to campus and begin our new year there.