Virtual School Rules and Expectations


Noor Andre, Editor

As you know, classes are going to be virtual until ILS receives other directives from the Archdiocese of Miami. Due to this, new rules have been implemented at Immaculata-La Salle High School for a better virtual school experience. 

These are the uniform requirements needed to be in compliance for ILS Virtual School:

  • All ILS students will be required to wear their ILS collared shirts for Virtual School Monday- Thursday.
  • Fridays will remain ILS Spirit Days! So you may wear any ILS shirt or your ILS uniform, collared shirt. 
  • No extreme hair styles or hair colors are permitted.
  • Boys must be clean shaven and hair must be neat and trimmed, meaning “off the ear” and “off the collar”. Boys may not wear pony tails, headbands, or braids of any kind for school. 

These are the expectations during virtual (zoom) classes: 

  • Create/designate an appropriate workspace which will promote learning. Students are not permitted to be in bed during class.
  • Students are expected to report to each class at the start time of the class and no later than the first 10 minutes of the block or you will be marked absent. 
  • Students MUST remain signed into the class for the entire block or until the teacher releases you to do class/group work.
  • If a student leaves in the middle of a class, the student MUST notify the teacher by email the student is leaving and why.
  • Students must be present and live during class. Students are not permitted to turn off video while the teacher is teaching and must wait for permission to leave.
  • Backgrounds are not permitted.
  • Students MUST be signed into a Zoom account using their ILS e-mail, not a personal e-mail address.

Students should not be zooming into class from a car or some other moving vehicle. As well as following these rules, ILS students are also expected to follow Covid-19 guidelines so they will be able to safely return back to campus when permitted. 

During senior orientation this year, Dean of Students, Ms. Colette Varese, said: “Find the opportunity to build yourself to be better.” In this new virtual set up, ILS students have the chance to do just that.

Thank you for following these rules and helping the ILS community succeed in these difficult times.