Masks That Are Safe But Stylish


Sophia Rabelo, Writer

Due to COVID-19, facial coverings or masks are required almost everywhere. It’s important to know which masks can help keep you safe, but also are fun and exciting to wear consistently.

There are really only three types of masks you should be wearing that fit the criteria for keeping you and others safe: a cloth face mask, surgical/medical mask, and a N95. Although there are three types, it’s really recommended that you just wear cloth or medical masks.

Many people believe that N95’s are the only masks that you should be wearing because they’re the most effective, hence the name N95 (95% effective). Although that may be true, many health officials recommend that those types of make be worn by health offices or care givers only.

The best mask choice/type that will keep you safe and stylish is a cloth mask.

Cloth masks are great not only because they keep germs both in and out of the mask, but because they are the most customizable. They are easy to make yourself, so you can basically have any type of style masks you like.

There are an assortment of cloth masks that can be found online. They can range from ones that are your favorite color, or favorite design, or maybe even favorite tv show/movie.

The whole point of a face mask is to keep your germs in and others out, but there’s no harm in looking great while your trying to stay