First Two Weeks of Virtual School


Marjorie Amaral, Editor

Virtual school for ILS students started two weeks ago on Thursday August 20th.

Even though students finished 2019-2020 year doing virtual school they’re still adapting to the new rules and new apps they need for this school year.

Some students think it’s easier to manage school virtually but would rather be at school.

“Virtual school has been easy to manage and my teachers have been very accommodating, but it’s not the same as actually being with them physically,” said senior Charlize Ramos.

Others think teachers could give them more time to do their work sine they’re at home and some have to help around with the house.

“I think the teachers could give us time to rest and understand that although we’re at school, we’re also home. Being home means helping our family sometime” said senior Pablo Amat

Students would also like for teachers to be more specific about work and what is expected of them in their classes, that way they can always turn in assignments on time.

Senior Pablo Amat recommends keeping a routine in the morning so you get used to waking up early when we go back to school physically.

“I recommend keeping a normal morning routine so that when we come back, it won’t be impossible.”

Class president Charlize Ramos advices students to engage with their teachers and peers.

“My advice would try and be engaged with your teachers and peers even on zoom because I know there’s a lot of us who are seeking community and unfortunately this is the only way to get it right now.”

Senior Eugenia Gonzalez thinks that it would be better to have less homework since were already on our iPads for 6 hours a day.

“I think for the students as for the teachers everyone is trying to adjust and the teachers are trying their best to make learning the best way possible the only thing that would be my suggestion would be less homework since we’re already on the iPad for 6 hours plus home work that’s really hard but I understand that they need to give us work so we can properly learn.”