Virtual SGA Inductions a Success


SGA senior class board at six feet apart!

Arianne Cendon-Ruisanchez, Editor

On Friday, September 11th, Immaculata-La Salle conducted the Student Government Association induction ceremony via Zoom for the entire student body and faculty to attend. The event followed shortly after mass, which was also broadcasted live.

SGA is the Student Government Association that allows the voice of the students to be heard. It affords students the opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills while taking care of student needs, concerns, and interests.

At the end of the last school year, students at ILS elected their new SGA executive board and class representatives for the 2020-2021 school year. During the ceremony, students were officially inducted into the association and are ready to serve their school as leaders.

The executive board consists of seniors Charlize Ramos as President, Andres Marquez as Vice President, Ana Marrero as Secretary, Camila Musibay as Treasurer, and Sofia Farres and Maritere Manso as Executive Assistants.

“I am truly ecstatic to be this years SGA President,” said Ramos. “Although circumstances aren’t ideal, I want to be able to provide the best experience for each grade level so it is a a year to remember.”

We are a strong, resilient group that can persevere through difficult circumstances, including this one. Whatever adversity we may face, our faith, bond, and trust in each other continues to keep us united even when we are socially distant.”

— SGA President Charlize Ramos

In her speech during the induction ceremony, Ramos provided advice for each of the class levels.

“I know that it is scary entering a new school, especially when you are trying to get accustomed virtually. I want to assure you that we are all so happy to have you apart of our family and cannot wait to meet you all in person,” she said to the freshmen.

To the sophomores, she said: “It may have felt like your freshman year never really ended, but here you guys are, on your second year of high school. Even though your first year was cut short, I’m sure all of you were able to see how special this place is. Now you may have a lot more confidence as you walk down the school hallways, but there is so much you haven’t experienced yet.”

To the juniors, Ramos said: “Through the pressure of this being ‘the most important year of high school,’ it is so important to surround yourself with people who are going to uplift you and also find time to enjoy your last few years with your friends.”

And finally for the seniors, she said: “We are a strong, resilient group that can persevere through difficult circumstances, including this one. Whatever adversity we may face, our faith, bond, and trust in each other continues to keep us united even when we are socially distant. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that we cannot take our time together for granted. When we return, I hope that we can all demonstrate that class spirit we have shown throughout our years at La Salle. It is our responsibility to each other to ensure that our senior year is one that we can all look back on, be proud of, and have fun with. We still have so many memories to create together so I expect the class of 2021 to make our senior year one that is truly unforgettable.”

This year SGA has four faculty moderators: Mr. Gabriel Suarez, Ms. Lexi Quintero, and Mrs. Celina Sosa. Together they hope to make many achievements despite the unprecedented circumstances.

“This year is going to be quite an experience for SGA because we are going to have to find alternatives to the many activities we usually coordinate. I know that we learned a lot solely from the virtual event last Friday,” said Mrs. Sosa. “We are going to have our SGA Lock-in this Friday in F Block, and we hope to create as many virtual and socially distanced activities as we can.”

Each class level also has its own board of students to work closely with each other. The senior class board consists of Eugenia Gonzalez as President, Isabella Machado as Vice President, Emiliana Chediak as Secretary, and Jeronimo Cañedo, Gabriela Esposito, Yaniel Rodriguez, Dominic Sorondo, and Gabriel Xirinach as Representatives.

The junior class board consists of Erika Herrera as President, Catalina Lujan as Vice President, Alyssa Vega as Secretary, and Kiara Alietti, Elisa Chong, Sophie Fakhouri, Ignacio Gamero, and Madison Marrero as Representatives.

The sophomore class board consists of Karolina Campos as President, Alessia Quiros as Vice President, Sofia Plasencia as Secretary, and Jean-Pierre Abbassi, Brianna Davis, Alfonsina Santucho, Lucia Terry, and Daniela Del Valle as Representatives.

The freshmen class board consists of Danna Chalela as President, Patricia Quimby-Moro as Vice President, Ines Unda as Secretary, and Tomas Armella, Sofia Iovine, Maya Martinez, Daniela Quiros, and Pierina Santeusanio as Representaives.

Each class level also has two moderators that represent them. The seniors are led by Mrs. Beltran and Mr. De Prada, who are both part of the theology department. The junior class moderators are Ms. Arrieta and Mrs. Dalyla Rodriguez, an English teacher. The sophomores are led by Ms. Orelle and Mrs. De Arce. The freshmen class moderators are Ms. Alvarez and Sr. Maria Fe.

Students have class meetings with their SGA class board at least once a month. These meetings are to inform students about any upcoming events such as school dances, fundraisers, as well as to hear any concerns students may have whether they be about lunch, uniforms, or anything else.

The ceremony, although virtual, officially inducted these students into their responsibilities with welcoming arms. The moderators were extremely proud on behalf of those who were able to physically partake in the event.

“I thought it was an amazing experience. We had all been away for so long, and it was actually emotional having at least the Seniors attend,” said Mrs. Sosa.

SGA is off to an amazing start this year!