Senior Class Crest Project


One of the many senior crest turned in.

Lia Sarria, Writer

Last Friday, ILS had a school-wide virtual spirit day which had different activities planned for the students. The day started with a Class Crest project, conducted via F block, then progress to a Mass, during which we remembered those lives lost during 9/11, as well as the SGA Induction ceremony for 2020-2021.

One of the new activities the students participated in was creating a crest for their own grade. Each F block turned in their own crest which was later sent out in a survey. Each grade got all the crest that was made for their grade and voted on which was the best one. The results of the surveys have yet to be published, but the winning crests will eventually be displayed on campus.

The crests had to include your class color, the school colors: green and gold, a royal lion, a royal palm, a cross, and a class motto.

The seniors were very excited since they aren’t sure when things will go back to normal. They all are putting on a smile and sticking with positive attitudes because it’s their last year.

Lauren Alvarez commented: “I feel my F block really bonded while making our crest. There were lots of laughs and smiles.”

Everyone let their creative minds go to work. Some F blocks had different groups in Zoom breakout rooms and then collaborated their ideas at the end. 

“It felt like we were back at La Salle just having fun together again.” She also talked about how this day was something the senior class needed,” said senior Sabrina Sousa.

Many of the seniors have been discouraged because it’s their last year and they aren’t sure when things will be back to normal but like stated above everyone is keeping a positive attitude and hoping for the best. The Archdiocese of Miami plans to reevaluate the virtual set up beginning this coming Friday, so ILS should shift to a hybrid model soon. 

The senior class SGA were very happy to finally be able to coordinate so many activities including the crest for our school. Hopefully, the results for each grade are sent out tomorrow and everyone is happy with the crest that wins.