Freshmen SGA Board Elected Online


SGA senior class board at six feet apart!

Noor Andre, Editor

Last week, the freshmen class elected their Student Government Association (SGA) class board online. On Friday September 11th, during the virtual back to school mass these new members were inducted into SGA. 

Just like campaigning, the induction ceremony had to take place virtually. However, the Executive SGA board and the senior SGA board were present at the induction ceremony to say the pledge on the behalf of the freshmen board. Their names were called out, making them official members of the ILS SGA.  

Here is the freshman class board: 

  • President: Danna Chalela
  • Vice President: Patricia Quimby-Moro
  • Secretary: Ines Unda
  • Class Representatives: Tomas Armella; Sofia Iovine; Maya Martinez; Daniela Quiros; Pierina Santeusanio

The freshmen class president, Danna Chalela is very excited about her position and made the best out of campaigning online. 

“Thankfully, I was able to campaign virtually! Using Instagram, Snapchat, and Whatsapp, I was able to send out my flyers in a way that would be eye-catching and accessible to many, even outside of school. It was honestly really fun but very different to what I’m used to,” she says. 

Sister Marie Fe, one of the freshmen class moderators this year, is very excited to work with the young leaders of our school and see them rise to the challenges of today. This is what she says to them: 

“You are young and very new, but you are a part of our school and we’re excited to see the gifts you will bring.”

This Friday, September 18th, will be the SGA Lock-In, where SGA members will virtually plan their events for the rest of the semester. It will take place during F block from 1:30pm to 4:30 pm. This is where the freshmen board will have their first opportunity to work as an SGA member. 

We congratulate everyone who won and wish them the best of luck!