ILS Athletes Return to Practice


The ILS football team will look to build on their strong end to 2019 in 2020.

Victoria Betancourt, Writer

Throughout the 1st quarter, fall sports have slowly been returning to campus to start practicing for their upcoming seasons. 

The first of these sports was football. The team is having a later start to their season compared to usual, but they’re working hard in order to be the best they can be in their upcoming games against teams such as St. Brendan and Belen.

“I hope the fans won’t be affected and kept out of the games because we get our energy from the crowd,” said junior Luis Bodden when asked about one thing he hopes doesn’t get affected because of COVID-19.

The next team that returned to campus is the volleyball players. The girls have come back and are practicing their skills while also conditioning so they can be ready for their season.

Finally, the cheerleaders are back to practicing as well. They’re already starting to prepare for their competitions and are working hard to up their level to defend their state title.

However, going to practice isn’t as easy as it was before due to the guidelines.

Down below is the process of going to practice for athletes:

  1. Wait until your designated time to get off of your vehicle or for your coach to call your team; you cannot get out earlier because you may infect other people.
  2. Go to your designated check in area; could be the gym or field, depending on the day and time 
  3. Wait socially distanced in two lines until it is your turn to check in
  4. When your turn comes, you take your temperature; if it is above 100.4 you are not permitted to go 
  5. Once your name is checked off and your coach cleared you, you may go to your practice in the way your coach instructed you to
  6. When it is time to leave, wait at the designated pick up area for your parents to pick you up; if you drive you may go to your car 

Remember to always wear your mask when coming on and leaving campus.

Go Royals!