Saltt Club: About the Mighty Maya


Alexandra Soler, Writer

Immaculata-La Salle’s largest club, Service and Leadership for Today and Tomorrow, better known as SALTT, has made significant impacts to the lives of many children.

Since 2001, La Salle students have been mentors to the migrant children of the Escuelita Maya in Lake Worth, Florida. Students visit the elementary four times a year providing them with gifts, games and a companion ship they will never forget.

“I enjoy being with the kids and growing a close bond with them,” said senior Justina Santucho, a member of SALTT since she first arrived at La Salle.

Once a year SALTT brings the Escuelita to ILS for our huge annual fundraiser ILS gives FTK, or For The Kids.

SALTT helps over 100 children prepare for school, while celebrating their Mayan culture. To say the least, the experience from both sides have created life-long relationships, one that La Salle hopes to continue in the near future.

“We encourage new members to sign up and be an advocate for the children of immigrant families in need of a mentor like you,” Mr. Tim Gamwell, one of SALTT’s moderators, said.

SALTT plans to commence the 2020 school year with a virtual back to school field trip, this is an event that many look forward to especially the little ones, even though it won’t be as people had hoped, it remains an event with the potential to leave a lasting mark for everyone involved.

If interest in joining please email Ms. De la Guardia ( or Mr. Gamwell (