One Direction Hits the Charts Again


Lia Sarria, Writer

These past weeks the 1D fandom has made it a goal to get the song “What a Feeling” to hit the Billboard charts again. The song was part of the group’s Made in the A.M. album which was originally released in 2015.

This Fan driven effort started thanks to a famous TikToker who made a joke saying “What if we put a One Direction song back on the charts?” From there fans agreed and got it to spread to Twitter.

senior Gabriella Echarri has heard the news and is very excited to join in and spread it. Girls all over have spread the news by hashtags and videos making sure every fan streams it at least once.

“What a Feeling” was written by Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson and is argued to have some of the best vocals from the boys. The fans have been trying to get the boys to come back together for a little reunion, so this seems to be one of the ways they are getting their attention.

One Direction’s anniversary came around this summer and fans were expecting something big but were given nothing to satisfy them. These One Direction girls will not stop till they get what they want.

“I love how the boys all have their own career but it would be nice to see them all together again,” said senior Alessandra Fernandez.

All of the boys have started their own solo music career but still care for each other. “What a Feeling” has been put on the US iTunes chart and the top 200 of the UK iTunes chart thanks to the fans efforts.

This idea came after fans got Louie Tomlinson’s album to the top of the charts last month. Go stream “What a Feeling” on Spotify or Apple Music now!