ILS Golf versus SLAM Academy


The ILS golf team is preparing for the district tournament in two weeks.

Ryan Desalle, Writer

This week the ILS Golf team played there latest match of the season, as both boys and girl squads faced off against SLAM Academy.

The team played fairly well considering they were rushed into such a short season. This was the girls third match of the season, setting them up for the districts championships next week. This was the boys second match and unfortunately the boys haven’t seen as much game time as the girls, but they have been practicing on there free time according the head coach James Rydborn.

Junior Peter Hellebrand played well for the boys, as usual, and sophomore Carly Costaregni tremendously improved since last season. Costaregni shot an overall of 49. She was followed by senior Emily Fernandez with an overall score of 55. Junior Mariana Naranja shot a score of 57.

Throughout the course, most of the dropped shots came around the green. The team kept a great momentum and consistency for most of the course up until they got to the green. Coach Rydborn mentioned the team’s short game, putting specifically, as something they could improve upon.

“If they all had to try and improve one area the putting area would be the one I would suggest,” said Coach Rydborn.

As important as the match was, safety was a priority for the golfers in regards to COVID-19.

ILS offered the players specific protocols, but the course also took away water stations and implemented ways to get the ball out of the cup without making physical contact with the flag. The golfers naturally maintained social distance throughout the course.

The match in general wasn’t affected by COVID besides some rules and regulations added to keep the players healthy and safe. The players also try not to exchange scorecards anymore to prevent any transmission.

With districts coming around next week the team is in a tough situation due to the fact they didn’t play everyone this season, so it’s going to be hard to know other teams strategies.

“I feel that the girls have a strong chance to make it through to regionals as a team this year,” said Coach Rydborn, who mentioned Costaregni as someone who can make a difference at the districts match.

With a great coach and enthusiastic players the ILS Golf team will play with great potential and show the districts how the ILS family works.