Juniors Reunite To Take PSAT


Victoria Betancourt, Writer

On October 14th, the junior class was back on campus in order to take the PSAT, get their pictures taken, and receive their yearbooks. 

The whole grade level hasn’t been on campus all together since last school year. They were finally reunited on Wednesday to take a standardized test. 

The campus does look extremely different compared to last year due to Covid-19 guidelines, but everything did work out successfully and was easy to follow if it was a student’s first time back on campus since last year. 

“I think the guidelines may be cumbersome at times, but they are totally necessary considering the times. I’m glad ILS is keeping its students safe,” said junior Gaby Danger when asked about her thoughts on the guidelines.

Juniors who were getting dropped off were dropped off in front of the cafeteria, getting their temperature taken and showing their Safety App pass in order to be allowed on campus. The juniors who drove, did the same when entering the bay parking lot. 

Breakfast was at usual time and school started for the students at the same time as everyone else. However, the way the students took the PSAT is different compared to last year. 

Instead of everyone taking the PSAT in their F blocks, they separated F blocks based off of the guidelines and how many students could fit into each room. Due to this, the junior class took up the 200, 300, 600, and 700 building rooms. 

Instead of the proctors reading the directions and the classes starting at different times, the directions were read over the loud speaker and everyone tested together at the same time. Once the test was over, the classes were dismissed two at a time to get their to-go lunch at the cafeteria and get their yearbooks and pictures taken inside the gym. 

After this, the juniors who were getting picked up got picked up at the track and the juniors who drove went to the bay parking lot. 

Hopefully this class can be reunited again soon.