A Look Inside Junior Hoco Week


A junior goodie bag given at the parade

Gabriela Danger, Writer

This year, homecoming week went a little differently. Despite this, juniors are still finding the silver lining. Personally, I’ve been participating from home. I’ve been keeping up with all the outfits and LTV segments.

I asked a few juniors who are part of the hybrid schedule how they’ve been enjoying homecoming week.

Catalina Lujan, part of SGA, commented that she looked forward the most to color wars, and was “actively… motivating [the junior class] to “go all out”, to dress up according to the theme.”

She took up her duty by dressing up and participating herself. Her favorite part of the week was putting together the skit.

“Although it was very stressful to get people to participate on such short notice, it came out well and was really fun,” Lujan said.

Both Lujan and Erin Swan, another junior, said that they miss going to pep rallies.

Swan also added that she was looking forward to color wars, because she had “a lot of blue to wear” as well as earning class participation points. She finds that participation “makes it more fun, and you get out what you put in.”

Although color wars is a popular event, Caitlyn Gil said that she was “ready to see the skits!” Which turned out to be an awesome success. She also mentioned that dressing up each day took her “out of her comfort zone.”

Overall, homecoming kept its same energy this year. Although things are different, the junior class has been doing its best to show as much school spirit as possible despite the times. SGA has done a wonderful job to keep us all informed and organized as well. Thanks for an awesome week!

Go class of 2022!