Mu Alpha Theta Competes


The Mu Alpha Theta honor society represented ILS well at the Barry University competition last year.

Eliza Lee, Writer

This past Saturday, the Math Honor Society participated in a competition to exemplify their logic and skill in mathematics. 

Ms. Cannon and Ms. Quintero lead their team through this challenging endeavor. The team prepared by studying different math subjects, as well as doing practice problems from previous competitions. The competition, although virtual, was held at ILS, to give students the opportunity to collaborate in-person. 

Senior Isabella Juara said: “For our first competition of this year, we gathered in school to take the test together as a team. One challenge of it being virtual is the time constraint: in normal competitions of last year, there would be a large timer telling you how much time was left. Now, you must be able to use your time management skills appropriately to determine how much time (is needed) to do specific problems.”

The competition presented larger challenges than just the different setting.

First time competitor junior Sebastian Larrota, described his experience at the event.

“Honestly I didn’t know what to expect, being it was my first time, but personally I think I underestimated the severity of the questions,” said Larrota. “I thought it was going to be just another math test that I would do good on. Nope… it was difficult and honestly one of the hardest tests I’ve been given. Although I may have not done the best that I could’ve, I can’t say the completion was useless. It served as a learning experience on what to expect, what to do better, and how to prepare myself.”

The have different perspectives on future competitions; Juara wants to work on timing: “For the next competition, I would practice time management because it is something I struggle with and I know practicing timing will help me get a better score.”

Larrota aims to improve teamwork.

“Next time I’m definitely going to study more groupwise with my teammates, guided by great teacher and coach Ms Cannon. I’m already studying for the next competition because next time I’m not going to mess around. I’m going to do great on the next competition, mark my words,” he said.

Both teachers are confident in their students’ abilities to display their knowledge. The team is confident on their work, and hopes to place well.