ILS Track & Field Season Preview

The Ils Track and Field team has started preparing and training


The ILS track team is outpacing the competition this Spring.

Ryan Desalle, Writer

As we step foot into 2021, the ILS Track and Field Team has begun their preparations and training for an upcoming successful season led by coaches Aimee and Eddie Cerdeiras.

Practice started shortly after the New Year, taking place Monday through Thursday after school. Coach Aimee has started evaluating her runners and preparing them for a generous outcome for the season.

The team follows a schedule designed to increase there stability, muscle, and strength. Tuesday and Thursday are proceeded with weight training, focusing on building muscle in core regions of the leg. Monday and Wednesday are speed workouts which help the athletes work on their overall speed and times.

“Our practices are meant to help prepare each individual into becoming the best possible versions of themselves, training for track is very different compared to other sports because we have to focus on different core aspects of the body,” said Coach Aimee.

The most important aspect of track and field is the virtues, teamwork, and sportsmanship that come along with it. Running track and field isn’t about your own points it’s about all your team points coming together to make a final score.

With a vigilant outlook, this team is training for any means necessary in order to achieve successful season this year.

“As captain of he 2021 Track and Field season, my expectations for the team is to build unity, sportsmanship, and confidence , another main expectation I have is for many goals and records to be beat this year,” said senior Victoria Morrera.

Many new faces from multiple different sports have decided to take on Track and Field this year.

Senior Adrian Cruz said: “This is my first year participating in track and field and so far it’s an overall great experience. Coach Eddie and Aimee really know how to train each one of there athletes.”

Unfortunately COVID-19 has not allowed the date and time for the upcoming meets so far, so the team hasn’t been notified when and where there first meet will be taken place.