ILS Students Travel Over Winter Break


Holland Ramos, Writer

Traveling during winter-break for most students and families is oftentimes seen as a “norm” or a tradition. This year with COVID-19 families had to make the decision to take the risk and travel or to stay home and keep safe. 

2020, for people all ages, was a difficult year for many people. Although advised by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) not to travel, many families took it upon themselves this winter to travel and keep safe. 

The CDC have helpful tips to those who were planning on traveling anyways in order to keep safe from COVID-19. Tips such as getting a flu shot before traveling, wearing a mask, and keeping a 6 feet distance was recommended.

Sophomore Silvana Levito was one of those ILS students who practiced COVID safe traveling during this winter break. 

“Following CDC guidelines throughout my vacation helped keep my family and I safe. We all tested negative before and after our trip Mexico where we all stayed together in our house” said Levito.

For those with housing in other parts of the world or country had benefits while traveling to not contract and spread COVID-19 due to the lack of engagement done with others.

Senior Michael Yero traveled to Key West, for winter break while staying at a private owned house as well. Traveling locally was also a factor into not spreading or contracting COVID-19 assuming the person already knew their state restrictions.

Although not the safest option for 2020 winter-break, students who did take part in traveling were expected to think safe and practice guidelines.