New Movies Coming Out In February


Olga Cortes, Writer

February is coming in hot! So look out for these movies!

First up is “Barb and Star Go To Visit Del Mar,” this comedy follows Barb (Annie Mulomo) and Star ( Kristen Wiig) as they leave their home town of the midwest for the first time ever!

This PG-13 movie is set to release on Feburary 12 and streamed on VOD by Lionsgate. 82% of people who have watched Barb and Star Go To Visit Del Mar have liked the movie.

On February 19, “Nomadland” will be hitting the theaters! “Nomadland” is about Fern, played by Frances McDormand, as she sets off on a journey to the West after she all in the recession. The movie got 4.5 ratings and seemed to be a big hit with critics.

“Cherry” is one you don’t want to miss! “Cherry” follows Nico Walker, played by Tom Holland, as he falls in love but due to bad decisions and life-threatening situations, Nico is at risk of losing his love. “Cherry” will be released on February 26 and will be streamed on Apple Tv+.

Lastly is “The United States vs. Billie Holiday.” This movie centers around the Federal Bureau of Narcotics as they file an undercover operation on famous jazz singer Billie Holliday (Andra Day). This movie will initially release on Hulu on February 26.

Some people are interested to see these movies!

ILS sophomore Alessandra Merino says, “The movie that interests me the most is ‘Cherry.’ The movie interest me one because I’m a fan of Tom Holland and I like watching movies romantic movies and movies that keep me guessing on whats going to happen next. That movie seems like something that I would enjoy.”

Sophomore Mariette Manso says, “I would also watch ‘United States vs. Billie Holiday’ because it seems to have an interesting storyline.”

Make sure to be out on the lookout for these new movies in February.