HOSA Dominates Competition


Hosa students ready for their competition!

Arianne Cendon-Ruisanchez, Editor

During the first week of January, ILS HOSA Club held their first round of competitions of the year. The competition took place in the SLC on campus during F blocks.

HOSA, Health Occupations Students of America, is an international student organization that promotes career opportunities in the health care industry. This club is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Health Science Education.

HOSA competitions are health science competitions that students can compete in both individually or as a team. Students begin competing on a district or regional level and based on how well they do, they continue to compete in various levels like states and nationals.

The club had 50 Students competing in the first round of competitions. Competitions this year were structured differently than last year as no practical session of the competition was held.

After the paper test, 28 students placed in the top 5 with 21 of those students being in the top 3 and qualifying for States now in March!

“Those who qualify and pass through the second round are sent to states in Orlando, FL to compete against other students from all around Florida,” said Mr. Jose Companioni, HOSA moderator.

Students Danae Georgiadis, Fiorella Durand, Sabrina Samaniego, Jasmine Heredia, Monica Muller, Isabel Trespalacios, S Ruiz, Karolina Campos, Sofia Plasencia, Kiara Akietti, Sophie Fakhouri, and Melanie Mendez placed first in their respective events.

Students Emma Obregon, Emily Fernandez, Larissa Pontes, Gretchell, and Hidalgo placed second in their respective events.

Students Nabila Osman, Nicholas Olavarrieta, and Carlos Gomez placed third in their respective events. Student Sofia Gonzalez placed fourth for the vet science event.

Students Jadin Gonzalez, Sabrina Villamizar, and Giuliana Suarez placed fifth for their respective events.

Students prepare for competitions by studying the concepts in their designated field, preparing a presentation, or completing a required project for their competition.

People have to take knowledge test, which are multiple choice questions for the first round. The most common way competitors study for this is through quizlet.

“My tip is that if you are preparing for a knowledge test, use quizlet. I have been well prepared through quizlet flash cards that past competitors have created,” said senior Camyle Pliopa, president of the ILS HOSA Club.

These tests are difficult, so it’s important to know all you can before the exam. Those who are in a group competitions, make sure to communicate to your fellow members and stay in touch as early as possible.

“When preparing for competition, time management is very important. Preparing two days before you will not feel prepared. I suggest to start revising the quizlet a couple of weeks prior to competition day,” said senior Gabriela Echarri, Vice President of HOSA.

If you are interested in HOSA, or have any questions email senior Camyle Pliopa at 1009891@ilsstudent.com.