Royal Lion Band Still Seeking New Members!


All areas of expertise welcome!

Victoria Sosadias, Writer

The Royal Lion Band is once again looking for members! From Drumline to Marching Band, to even an orchestra if you play a string instrument, there’s a variety of instruments to choose from!

As our band grows, more and more performances at games and events can definitely be expected. If you want to learn an instrument, or you already play one, this is definitely something to consider!

“It takes lots of hard work and dedication to keep the band alive. We’re still a new program so there’s no room for laziness or slacking off if we’re trying to get recognized,” said Trumpet Player Daniel Vega, who joined the band when it started last year.

“Being a member of the band gives me something to look forward to everyday. It’s shown me what it is to dedicate myself to something, and it improves me as a person,” explained Vega.

Since beginning in 2019, the band has grown and continues to grow like never before. The band grew from four members to nine members in this past year, and it presents constant improvement with original and new members alike.

“The Band is growing rapidly with only five spots left in the Drumline, and now is the time to sign up!” says Band Director Mr. Alicandu.

The Band is also starting a fundraiser, in order to be able to raise money for band uniforms, new Drumline equipment, and new instruments overall.

“Something new that you should expect to happen from the band will be regarding a branch of the band, which is the drum line. Soon we are going to get more equipment and we hope that with this new equipment we can start to build a proper drum line,” said Euphonium player sophomore Mariana Triay.

Just like any sport, playing an instrument take practice, dedication, and discipline. But, even within the first few weeks you will be able to see how far you’ve come in mastering this art form.

Students rehearse after school on Day 1’s and during F Block and rehearsals are open to anyone after they contact Mr. Alicandu. For any more information on the ILS Band, please email