“Falcon and the Winter Soldier”: First Episode Review


Eliza Lee, Writer

“Falcon and the Winter Soldier” premiered its first episode on Disney+, this past Friday.


The show follows Sam Wilson, the Falcon, and James “Bucky” Buchanan Barnes, formerly the Winter Soldier, in a post-blip world. Both Sam and Bucky had been “blipped” out after Thanos, so the show follows their characters as they adjust to this new, changed world.

We start off with Sam, coordinating with the U.S. military to help them rescue a hijacked aircraft, as well as introducing a new character—a terrorist watcher named Torres. He keeps tabs on people who prefer life when only half the population was alive, and even gets involved when this group pulls a heist, Torres goes undercover and is severely injured.

Sam, who, in “Avengers: Endgame”, claims Steve’s shield “felt like someone else’s,” is seen making a speech about the Captain as he hands it over to display in the Smithsonian. Rhodey, another character who lost his best friend, is present, questioning Sam as to why he gave up the title and the shield. We later see his resignation is in part due to helping his sister keep their parents’ struggling business afloat.

Bucky is not doing much better. He has a nightmare, presumably a memory of a mission when he was the Winter Soldier. We then see him in therapy, refusing to acknowledge it or divulge any sort of information about his emotional state. His therapist urges him to fulfill a list of apologies, some of which he goes through with…creatively.

He then eats lunch with an elderly man, why Bucky has lunch with him, we do not know. The waitress of the restaurant essentially asks Bucky out, and he arrives with a dozen roses. Cue jokes about being “old-fashioned,” not understanding dating apps, and Bucky explicitly admitting he is 106 years old, to which the woman laughs it off. She says Bucky reminds her of his father, to which he has a breakdown and walks out, going back to the elderly man’s apartment to pay him for lunch. We then see the man has a shrine to his dead son in the apartment—the man Bucky killed in his nightmare. This is an apology person.

The episode ends on quite a big cliffhanger—after Sam gives the shield to a museum, stating it’s Steve’s, the government makes an announcement—there is a new Captain America.

The Royal Courier asked ILS students their opinion on the new show.

Senior Paola Balcaceres said: “I wish they would have given us a full-out theme like WandaVision, and focused on Bucky’s character more. We already know how Sam feels and his values from past movies. It would have been nice to see a fuller view of how Bucky is adjusting. But, I’m still excited to see what’s to come.”

“Falcon and the Winter Soldier” comes out with new episodes every Friday on Disney+.