SALTT Students Join a New Family!


Living to serve! Charlize Ramos at SALTT Camp. via @charlizeramos on Instagram

Arianne Cendon-Ruisanchez, Editor

LAKE WORTH, FL — Immaculata-La Salle students, 10th to 12th, had a life changing experience over the summer by volunteering at SALTT Camp and opening their hearts to migrant kids and their families.

Around 60 students embarked on a week long journey to Cardinal Newman, a school located in Lake Worth, Florida. The first group of students served from June 8th-15th and the second followed immediately after, from June 16th-23rd.

SALTT, which stands for Service and Leadership Today and Tomorrow, is a club dedicated to helping migrant workers and their families in South Florida. Most of these workers are ethnic Mayans, who fled their nation in the 1980s and 1990s to escape mass killings during Guatemala’s civil war.

During SALTT Camp, the students spent their time with migrant children from the Guatemalan Maya Center. Together they played all kinds of sports, shared meals, and prayed. On one of the days, there was even a field trip to the Rapids Waterpark.

Throughout the week, students and the children formed extremely tight bonds with each other. Students quickly learned that by sacrificing a week of their summer, they would be gaining a life-changing experience.

Junior Sofia Farres attended the first week of camp and she believes the experience changed her life for the better.

“It made me really want to make a difference in the world,” said Farres. “When I got back, I realized that there’s no reason for me to be taking all the things that I have for granted, to not be positive, and to not be grateful because I have so much.”

During the second week of camp, junior Charlize Ramos attended and she came back with a similar experience.

“It opened my eyes to so many new things and gave me a whole new perspective on life and how fortunate I am to have most of the things I have,” said Ramos.

Everyone who participated this previous summer is looking forward to going back this upcoming year. Those who assisted share similar morals and values, which created extremely strong friendships.

SALTT Camp not only provided students with new special relationships in their lives, but with the opportunity to grow mentally, faithfully, and socially. They became more aware of real life issues that take place very close to their home.

Through this amazing one week experience, students learned to approach life differently; with kindness and ready to take action.