Senior Prank!


Alexandra Soler, Writer

Last Friday, May 7, last day of school for seniors was a very memorable day for both the Class of 2021 and the rest of the ILS family.

The day started off with the seniors coming to campus at 5:00 AM. This gave them enough time to prank the school before everyone else joined them on campus.

Seniors saran wrapped parts of the campus, including the walk ways leading up to the 600/700 building and the bathrooms in the main building. This made it impossible to get around campus for the rest of the school.

They put post-it notes on every window on campus quoting “Seniors Rule” “Seniors Run This”, “Class of 2021” and “Seniors!” This was a fun way of letting everyone know the seniors were in charge of the messes around campus. Seniors also covered the stairwells in the 600/700 building with red solo cups filled with water, this way no one could go up the stairs.

And the best part: one of the school lions was relocated to 600/700 roof. This was everyone’s favorite. During the day, students would stop to take a picture of it. This is definitely something to remember.

Before classes started for the day, students tailgated in the senior parking lot. They ate their breakfast together, enjoyed some fun music and took some pictures.

“It was really great to see the seniors come together to pull this off. The vibe in the Senior lot on Friday morning was both nostalgic and joyous! It was great to see them so happy. The lion was my favorite part! Great job, seniors,” said Dean of Students Ms.Colette Varese

To end the last day of school seniors had a traditional “senior lunch” with all seniors on campus going to 3rd lunch before dismissal. The enjoyed one last delicious sage dining meal with each other while signing our ILS polos.

“Last week’s prank was truly something unexpected and fun filled with the charism and energy of the Senior’s class of 2021, ‘where there is a will there is certainly a way,'” said senior class moderator Mr. Luis de Prada. “I am super proud of what they have been able to achieve even during difficult times, imagine what they could do under normal circumstances?”

Before dismissal, all the seniors gathered together in the cafeteria, to take it all in. Ending it with karaoke and most of the grade shedding tears and thanking one another for the best four years together.

“The class of 2021 will forever be remembered for their enthusiasm and persistence. A group of kiddos that definitely were not giving up due to circumstances (out of anyone’s control),” said senior class moderator Mrs. Milly Beltran. “They sought out ways to work together, convincing us that, ‘yes we can’ meant, ‘YES WE WILL!’”

The Class of 2021 definitely made their mark at ILS, but sadly the time has come to move on to the next chapter of our lives.