Ask a Senior: Helpful Advice from the Class of 2022

Laura Berry, Writer

After what has felt like forever, students at Immaculata-La Salle have finally returned back on campus.

Taking a look around and seeing that freshman are now juniors and sophomores are seniors really puts in perspective how long ILS students have been away from what many of them call home.

Seniors now being the leaders of the school gives them insight that they can share with underclassmen.

The class of 2022 were asked some questions about senior year that could be useful to giving lower classes some ideas on college majors, insight on how they are feeling about graduating this year, and some helpful tips on how to survive the exciting upcoming years in their high school career.

Seniors Laura Berry and Emma Rodriguez asked the following questions to fellow classmates-
What do you want to study in college and why?

“I want to major in psychology and minor in pre-law because I aspire to become a lawyer.” -Elisa Ligero
“I want to major in broadcasting so I can be a future sports broadcaster for soccer games.” -Enzo Pittigliani

How do you feel about graduating?
“Honestly I don’t feel good about graduating. One second I was a sophomore and, in the blink of an eye, I’m a senior. It feels as if I’m not supposed to be a senior, but I am!” -Erika Herrera
“In my opinion, I’m excited about graduating because it’s the beginning of the next chapter in my life and that’s something I really look forward to.”
-Christopher Perez-Abreu

Any advice to freshman to have the best high school experience at ILS?
“Take time to become closer to your teachers.” -Maddison Marrero
“Don’t slack off and get the best grades as possible because it does count.” -Alyssa Vega
“Don’t procrastinate, do your homework, and treat LaSalle like family.” -Manuel Lopez

Adults are always asking, “What you want to do?” For some seniors, they just  don’t know those answers yet, and that’s okay. It is perfectly normal to not know where they are going to be next year, let alone the next four.
This is their time to try new and different things to see what they are interested in, and then decide what they want to do for a living. It’s a big question and sometimes a difficult and complicated answer.

Don’t be afraid to try different things and explore. Then, decide to show the world.