Erika Herrera Strikes a Chord on the Piano and on Campus


Laura Berry

Erika Herrera (sophomore year) going around campus showing a positive attitude while running for president.

Laura Berry, Staff

Who is Erika Herrera?

Well, most of ILS would know her for her three-year role as class of 2022 class president from freshman to junior year. Before she started as a freshman, she was educated through her elementary to middle school years at Sts. Peter and Paul, a sister school to ILS. Many of her old friends who went to high school with her now have known her for a long time, but other students probably haven’t gotten the chance to get to know her on a personal level.

Herrera was born and raised in Miami. When she was asked about her family’s background she responded, “My mom is Cuban and my dad is Costa Rican.”

She went into how she loves the size of  her family.

“My family is pretty big. Every holiday gathering is just one big party,” she said laughing.

“I look up to my grandma because she came to the us from Cuba and accomplished her dreams of being a successful dentist. I aspire to be as hardworking and dedicated as her,” she added.

Herrera has been part of the SGA (Student Government Association) for her whole high school experience.

“I wanted to be president because I knew I’d do a great job at it. I’m hardworking, responsible and honest.”

She also wanted to give advice to underclassmen who are planning on running for class president next year.

“It’s definitely a lot of work. You have to want to do it not just for college, but because you know that you would do a great job at the role. It’s you’re responsibility to be open to you’re class on their advice and concerns,” she said.

A fun fact about Herrera is that she has a talent for piano.

“I’ve done piano for 10 years. I really have always felt a connection to the instrument,”  she said.

She also talked about how it has formed her into the person she is today.

“I remember sitting at the piano, struggling to remember the keys over and over until I got it right. It made me recognize the importance of hard work, leading me to continue to be dedicated on reaching my present and future goals in life,” she said.

Now a senior at ILS, she is still a main part of SGA as the senior class representative. Being a senior, she knows the importance of being a good role model for underclassmen.

“It’s important as part of the senior class to be there for underclassmen. I believe this way we have closer relationships that makes ILS feel like a second family,”  she explained.

Being in a school with more than 800 students, it’s  sometimes difficult to get to know all your peers.

“Since my freshman year at ILS, I’ve been making the most of my high school experience, and I advise every student to do the same, not only for their education, but for the memories they’ll leave with,” she said.