Isabella Andrade:Fashioning Her Own Unique Future


Isabella Andrade with classmates at the MAO (Mu Alpha Theta) display.

Daniella Jansen, Writer

Isabella Andrade is a senior who has always been motivated to take part in leadership roles. This year Andrade is vice-president of MAO (Mu Alpha Theta), the president of SNHS (Science National Honor Society), and a mentor for the Society of Women Engineers. What is the reason behind her motivation to take on these important and honorable roles at ILS?

“I’m usually motivated by passion, the want to contribute in a significant manner, and ultimately being able to guide and help others. If it’s something that I’m committed to and want to make a difference through, I am motivated to step up into a leadership role because it would allow me to become that guide or model which others can look up to,” she said.

In addition to her many responsibilities, Andrade helped lead the Salesian hearts retreat, co-founded and being the Society of Women Engineers, and is president of the Life is a Gift club.

“After high school, I want to pursue a career in aerospace engineering,” she said.

Another thing Andrade wants to pursue is a favorite hobby: origami.

“Having taken an origami seminar this past summer really made me enjoy the art and mathematics behind it, and it’s something that I definitely want to continue,” she said.