ILS Junior Encounter & Service Day Recap

Holland Ramos, News Editor


Juniors gather in the gym. Photo by Holland Ramos


Juniors dedicated a day to working on individual service projects and participating in a variety of activities.

On Friday, September 24th- Immaculata-La Salle juniors gathered together in the gym to have a day filled with games, talks from upperclassman and teachers, and giving back. 

At the start of the day, juniors reported to their E block for attendance. Two seniors went to each junior class, handed out name tags, and collected cellphones in order to have a distraction-free day. 

At around 9:15, juniors were called down to meet at Saint Keiran’s Church for mass, then headed on down to the gym to begin activities. 

“I was really excited to be at Mass with everyone indoors for the first time in two years.  The Mass was very pleasant and very peaceful,” said junior Michael Prokopiou.

Once in the gym, senior Alyssa Vega introduced the rest of the leaders. She delivered a witness speech about the impact being at ILS has had on her. Her speech kicked off the encounter portion of the afternoon.

“Hearing Alyssa was very powerful for me. It made me realize all of the opportunities ILS provides for me and reminded me that not everyone is as lucky as I am to go to a school with a such a strong community,” said junior Angelina Cambo.

 Students received paper and pen after being instructed to write down goals they have for the future. Writing these goals down was a way for them to stop and think about the steps they have to take in order to reach these goals.

After many moving talks, fun games being played, and quality time being spent with peers, it was time to give back.

At the beginning of the week, students received an email from Mrs. Beltran with a link attached offering different service options.

The options listen included: 

  • For the Children
  • For the Elderly 
  • For our military 
  • For our civic Leaders 
  • Self Car Kits
  • Cards for humanity 
  • Celebrating our Everyday Heroes 
  • Stewardship for the Earth  

“It feels really good to give back and help others even if it’s just writing a couple of letters to veterans. After writing my letters, I shared them with a few of my friends and bonded over this,” said Stefano Chiodi.