The Lionettes Take On The ILS Gym Once Again!

Melanie Scheel Sikaffy, Features Editor

“I am so glad that the Lionettes had the opportunity to perform.””

— Junior and Lionettes Dance Captain, Isabella Lavista

Do you ever think about how some people were just born to dance? Although, I do believe one can learn and develop a talent, some people just have the rhythm inside them. Trust me because I have seen first hand people who cannot be on beat as much as they try. Yet, we have a team for those who can’t resist the music and have to express themselves through movement: the Lionettes Dance Team. 

As a former Lionette myself, I can say I’ve witnessed how hard this team has worked throughout the years. From being moved to virtual to getting their competitions cancelled after months of practice, the Lionettes have continued being resilient and being in contact with their artistic side. Finally, they were able to make a great comeback this school year. During Homecoming week, one of ILS’s traditions that many were looking forward to was the performance of the dance team with the football team seniors. Although the seniors and juniors have experienced this tradition at least once, this was one of the many school events this year’s sophomores and freshmen were going to witness for the first time. With that in mind, the dancers and senior football players came out with confidence and smiles on their faces full of energy ready to get the crowd pumped up. They started off with football positions and soon enough began their energy filled choreography in the school’s gym. As they all moved swiftly throughout the performance, the head coach Esther Pazos, and assistant coach Samantha Gutierrez, joined the stage as one of the dancers in the back got carried, thrown, and caught with the timing of the music. The cameos didn’t end there as Ms. Denis Levya, the team’s moderator, appeared through the dancers’ formation sending off her hat in the air with the roaring screams of the crowd. They finally ended the choreography with the help of the football players and once again, proved how bold ILS students can be.

“I am so glad that the Lionettes had the opportunity to perform,” captain and junior Isabella Lavista had to say about their Homecoming performance. “The preparation leading up to HOCO was also really fun because we were able to dance with the football players and we just had a week full of laughter.” 

We cannot overlook the work it took to form the dances, teach it to the football players, and make sure it was executed well while they had their upcoming competitions in the back of their mind. “This year we are participating in two competitions. DTU (Dance Team Union) on January 16 in Hialeah Gardens High School and COC (Contest of Champions) from March 4-6 in Orlando, Florida at ESPN,” explained senior and Lionette dancer Melanie Mendez. “Our main goal together as a team is to place at competition and have fun while we place,” added Mendez.

Now that we got a sneak peek at what the Lionettes are capable of, we cannot wait to see them give it their all and, hopefully, place at competition while still having fun. Good luck dancers!