The New Trend of ILS Student-Made Instagrams

Maya Martinez, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Have you seen accounts like @ilsaffirmations or @ils.core on your suggested page on Instagram? Well, those in fact are the new trend that ILS students are talking about. Each individual page has its own niche, where the owners and followers show creativity and a sense of humor. 

“I wanted to show other schools things they might not see on the actual Instagram. It’s an inside look on the real La Salle,” said the anonymous owner of @ils.core. 

These accounts, and social media in general, are a good and innovative way to connect the student body, where people can see themselves and their friends being represented on an (almost) school-wide basis. The good thing about it being on Instagram is that students are, within reason, free to be themselves without worrying about judgment. This is especially true because a lot of times students are anonymous (whether you’re an owner or you’re someone submitting a picture, affirmation, etc).

I think there’s a sort of excitement that comes with submitting something and then seeing it being posted.  ”

— anonymous owner of @ilsaffirmations

“I discovered it just like the Gospel was spread, through word of mouth,” said sophomore Caroline Barrabes.

One of the posts from the account @ils.core. (@ils.core on Instagram)

There are many different ways to discover these accounts. Personally, I did through my friends posting them on their story or talking about it in school. 

“I discovered the accounts through being tagged in a post,” said an anonymous junior.

One of these Instagram pages is @ilsaffirmations. The purpose is to write in (anonymous) content about the school. Since the owner is anonymous, followers try to guess who it is, which is another reason why this trend is so much fun.

“It helps you all to stay connected off campus and create interactions that may not happen in person,” said theology teacher Mr. Nicholas Shaheen.

Many other schools in Miami also have been creating these accounts. Personally, it’s very interesting to see accounts from schools like Our Lady of Lourdes interact with our school’s. It’s a really enjoyable way to connect friends, students, and schools together. 

So if you get a chance, follow these accounts and maybe even start one of your own!