Writing My Script


Sixto Pacheco

“There’s so many paths you can take to reach your goals.” -Jude Servius

Miguel Gomez, Writer

From a young age, people are advised to “work hard because you have potential for something bigger than yourself”. ILS senior, Jude Servius, is one of the few who listen to this message which is why students can see him spreading his own. He has spent countless days and nights writing the script you see playing in front of you today.

“ When I play football, I work hard… I’m not the most talented. I have my reasons why I have to work harder than other people,” he said.

In his last season with his teammates and coaches, Servius had to step up to take some of the load that his injured teammates could no longer carry. He was exhausted in the aftermath of grinding on both defensive and offensive sides of the ball, but he still did it because he loved the game.

“ I have dreams to go D1… if I don’t then I’ll just be the best I can because there are always ways to open doors in life for yourself,” he said.”

As a kid, Servius, was sharing his words of wisdom to make nothing but a positive impact on those who surrounded him. Knowing that he could do that, he took action to run his sophomore year for class president, and with the feedback he got, the videos started coming to life.

“I started listening to Denzel Washington for like eight days straight, and then Les Brown, Inky Johnson, and I knew people around me needed to hear this,” he added.

He listened to motivational content, and he went out to create his own with his personal signature. As far as the name, “Raising Mindset,” he just thought about it and jumped into it making video requests very consistently.

“Since the channel (Raising Mindset) isn’t growing as I wanted it to… I said I’m going to take time to post big projects to inspire people,” he added.

Servius knows the journey he and his channel have gone through to reach 400 subscribers; he’s just asking himself constantly “What?” to continue growing because he does not want to give up.

“I could do what journalists do, and I’m a good writer, but my writing is through talking,” he said.

Servius admits his path in life will be different than everyone else’s, but he’s just in his senior year of high school. His script isn’t done just yet.