Seniorities Seems to be More Contagious than Omicron


Isabella Black

Photo illustration of ILS senior sleeping during class

Isabella Black, Features Editor

The majority of the class of 2022 has fallen ill to Seniorities this year. Even this article is being written against the clock.

“It is harder to come back and work. After winter break I got lazy, when it came to school, so that has made it more difficult,” said Santiago Cid.

Like Cid, most ILS seniors are feeling unmotivated, as if there is no need to continue trying. There are only four months until the class of 2022 graduates, yet many seniors feel as though the academic year is already over.

Some students turn in assignments late or totally stop submitting them. Others lose motivation and lack the need for academic validation they used to crave. Students who once would have been upset by a low grade or too much homework now simply just don’t care. They have removed themselves mentally from school completely and are now just going through the motions with less effort.

Even the students who still haven’t received any college decisions are clocking out of school. They have started to live in the future rather than the present. The two most common conversation topics among the seniors are “I’m so excited about next year” and “I’m so over school!” The latter being more common in most cases.

That said many are feeling mixed emotions about leaving. “This semester has been very bittersweet. I am very excited to be back with all my friends to spend these last few months together, however sad that might sound,” said Clementina Daboin. 

This semester is very ambivalent for ILS seniors–full of excitement for what is to come with college and adulthood with a bit of indifference toward the rest of their high school career. 

Good luck to the class of 2022!

*Disclaimer: This article was submitted late for comedic purposes and in order to get the journalist’s point across. She did not procrastinate nor did she forget she had the assignment. The journalist in question is a senior who clearly HAS NOT contracted Senioritis.*