What Does Don Bosco Day Mean to ILS?

Elisa Ligero, Writer

St. John Bosco, better known as Don Bosco was an Italian Roman Catholic priest in the 19th century. He was dedicated to helping street children, disadvantaged children, and juvenile delinquents. He provided these children with education and religious instruction. Don Bosco founded the Salesians to educate and help these children, mainly boys. Even when Don Bosco died, his order grew and spread to other countries, eventually becoming the third largest of the men’s orders.

The Salesian Sisters, founded by Don Bosco and Mary Mazzarello, also followed Don Bosco’s norms for education and religion. At Immaculata – La Salle High School, our mission statement reads that ILS, “… provides the highest quality Catholic education based on the Gospel and St. John Bosco’s educational philosophy in a student-centered, active learning environment.:

St. John Bosco has a feast day, which is January 31st, and since ILS is based on the teachings of Bosco, we have a celebration for his feast day on the closest Friday to the 31st of January, which this year falls on the 28th.

This year’s underclassmen have never experienced Don Bosco Day, since the sophomores were virtual for their first year. Juniors have been once and seniors have been twice.

Miguel Gomez, a sophomore who has never experienced Don Bosco Day, when asked what he expected said, “I hope to see the difference in energy and spirit my classmates have on Don Bosco Day more than any other day like a Wellness Day.”

Senior, and school president, Ignacio Gamero explains, “Don Bosco Day is a time to gather as a school community to have fun, play games, and eat good food, while also reflecting on St John Bosco and his mission to spread and promote the oratory model.” The oratory model is school, church, home, and playground.

Don Bosco Day goes beyond just a fun day. For those who have experienced it, it has become one of the most memorable days of the year.

“It’s a special day where we really celebrate Don Bosco and his teachings. Since coming to La Salle, Don Bosco Day has always been so memorable and special to me. It’s never a dull Don Bosco Day and that is solely because all of us come together in his honor and celebrate his life and teachings,” said senior Alyssa Vega

With Don Bosco day quickly approaching, everybody is excitedly anticipating it, and underclassmen will see it is a day to remember.