Fashion Club Holds Think-Pink Makeup Tutorial


ILS Fashion Club leaders Melissa Marquez and Julia Campos take part in the Think-Pink Makeup Tutorial.


On Thursday, October 3rd (yes, October 3rd), the ILS Fashion Club held their first event of the year, a Think-Pink Makeup Tutorial.

In Ms. Wildenburg’s art room (room 807), the Fashion Club gathered to express their creativity and artistic nature through makeup. With more than 20 participants, the art room was abuzz with laughter and eyeshadow.

The event was animated by the club’s leadership, seniors Melissa Marquez, Julia Campos, and Andrea Hernandez. The makeup tutorial’s theme was purposefully selected as part of the effort to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Throughout the after school event, the Fashion Club members applied lipstick, blush and eyeliner. They used each other as a canvas on which to express their creativity. And it’s the expression of creativity that draws most students to the Fashion Club.

Melissa Marquez, who led the tutorial from the front of the room and worked on Julia, mentioned her favorite part of the Fashion Club was “all the girls coming together to embrace their creative side and express themselves.”

Julia Campos echoed that sentiment and saw the embrace of their creativity as “empowerment.”

Andrea Hernandez admitted being drawn to the Fashion Club because she enjoys “seeing everyone’s different outlook on fashion and their different fashion sense.”

“Everyone comes together,” Hernandez said as she went around the art room taking pictures of the tutorial. She sees Fashion Club as an opportunity to express one’s “unique fashion sense” and to “use fashion and clothing as a canvas.”

Seniors Maia Koch and Sophia Perikles joined the Fashion Club this year and were part of the makeup tutorial. While Koch admitted her favorite part of the club is the sweaters, Perikles sees it as “a creative outlet.”

The Fashion Club is moderated by Ms. Camille Wildenburg and meets in room 807.

“The club this year is more enthusiastic and motivated than ever,” said Ms. Wildenburg. “We want the community to get involved and to participate in fashion events and activities so that everyone can only learn how to look their best, but also FEEL THEIR BEST!”

The Royal Trend Fashion Club at ILS aims to educate the community through fashion awareness. This year the club will welcome speakers from the Miami International University of Art & Design, as well as independent fashion designers.

Upcoming Fashion Club events include iPad decoration, up-cycling clothes, and for Homecoming, a seniors-only event to design the senior unity symbol, the crowns.