The Inside Scoop on SGA lock-in


Lia Sarria, Writer

Immaculata-La Salle high school’s very own junior Student-Government Association members, Isabella Machado, Charlize Ramos, and Ana Marrero provided the inside scoop on what goes on during an SGA lock-in.

SGA is the student-body government at ILS and it’s filled with creative and diverse students.

“SGA Lock-in is like a day that we come after school, and we stay for a few hours to discuss stuff that we usually wouldn’t have time to discuss, during the school day,” Isa Machado explained.

“We stay after school and we meet with our class boards,” she continued. “We meet with moderators, like administration to put out our ideas and see what the schedule is going to be for the new year.”

Students have mixed emotions throughout the lock-in.

“It’s honestly kind of stressful at some points, but people get really excited to express their ideas and come up with new ones and things that we can pursue for the rest of the school year. Being positive and also stress at the same time would be the emotions that surround the lock in,” said Ramos.

When Marrero was asked if most of her classmates attended she replied, “Yeah, all of the student government body friends, the junior class attorney. And we all got together and discussed our ideas for the new school year, and how we can act out on them.”

The end goal of the lock-in is more of a long term planning instead of short term.

“It’s to set structure for things like homecoming week. Other things that we want to bring into this year and the sooner we finalize things the sooner we can get to working on them so we’re not as stressed during the year,” said Machado.

Marrero finished the interview with if they met their goals. “Yeah, yes, we planned a lot of things for the school year. And we got a lot of ideas into it and we really heard each other out. And we’re hoping that the school year will go by very nicely, And our plans will go according to plan.”

SGA is greatly appreciated at Immaculata-La Salle for all the hard work they put in during and after school hours.