Severe Southern Storms- What do They Mean to Us?


A storm approaching over Texas.

Gabriela Danger, Opinion Editor

Unstable air currents, along with the mixing of warm spring air and the remnants of winter’s cool have caused some severe storm and tornado activity in the South.

So far, 2 people have died as a result, and its only affected the area of Texas to South Carolina, but the area being threatened has expanded to include most of Florida.

Power lines and trees falling left and right are just some of the dangers Southern residents in the area have been facing.

Since Wednesday and Thursday, more areas of both Florida and Alabama were included in the threatened area. That week, it was likely that 2-4 inches of rain would fall just in one night, as the storm zone inched closer to Myrtle and Virginia Beach.

“But what does this mean for Miami? It hasn’t come here yet.”

Well, although Miami was lucky to be spared from this devastating bout of storms in the South, it might not keep being so blessed.

Hurricane season is fast approaching, hand in hand with summer heat. Conditions will soon be ripe for tropical depressions, storms, and full on hurricanes. This southern weather is just a precursor to what may come. Since it’s that time of year again, it’s important to be safe. Keep up with local meteorology news to stay updated on the Florida situation.

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