ILS Sailing Team Advances to Nationals


Holland Ramos, Editor-in-Chief

The ILS sailing team had a successful weekend in Charleston, North Carolina and will now be attending team racing nationals for the first time in ILS history.

  Even with treacherous conditions, ILS still managed to dominate against four other competing teams. This win in the 2022 Team Racing District Championship will advance the team to Team racing Nationals in Houston, Texas. 

“This 3 vs. 3 racing format demands top-notch boat handling skills, a command of the complex racing rules, and quick thinking. Team racing is a combination of roller derby and bocce ball with the strategy of chess as a team of three boats races and utilizes  calls against another team of three boats to work their way as a team around a course,” explained senior Justin Callahan.

ILS skipper duties were filled by Mitchell Callahan, Justin Callahan, Danny Riano, and Umi Noritake. Crew positions were filled by Caroline Caudron, Jadin Gonzalez, Holland Ramos, Brianna Ross, and Danny Riano.

The ILS team had an early morning and was on the water by 8:30 am. Wind conditions continued to rise and by the second round of races, the rest of the day was called off early due to the possible dangerous conditions.  

“I think it was a good choice that the race committee called races off early even though some other teams did not agree. The winds became unmanageable and it was impressive that we even got eight races in,” said junior Danny Riano.

The team will continue to train hard and prepare for a competition against seven of the country’s districts meet. The team’s goal is to bring home both fleet and team race national championship titles.