ILS Debates starts season in strong fashion


The ILS Debate team competed at the first South Florida Catholic League Tournament of 2019-2020 at West Broward High.

Victoria Betancourt, Writer

The Royal Debate Team went to the South Florida Debate Tournament, senior Isabella Perez placing 6th overall in Lincoln Douglas, or LD. 

The South Florida Debate Tournament started at 7:30 AM at West Broward High School. The ILS Debate Team competed in Public Forum, Lincoln Douglas, and Congress. 

For this tournament the teams in Public Forum included sophomores Delia Sauer and Isabel Trespalacios, sophomores Cecilia Harding and Maria Meyer, sophomores Sophia Mena and Gabriella Hernandez, and seniors Cesar Camacho and Catherine Medina.

The group competing in Congress were sophomore Valentina Verdini, sophomore Ignacio Gamero, and senior Chris Solanilla. Competing in Lincoln Douglas was senior Isabella Perez. 

“My teammates and I have put our best into this tournament. We wrote our speeches, peer reviewed, done mock trials, and met everyday after school in preparation for the tournament,” said sophomore Sophia Mena.

Lincoln Douglas is a type of debate where you go one on one versus another person from a different school about the morality and ethics of the given topic. Isabella Perez’s given topic was standardized testing. Winning four out of five rounds, Perez got a high-rating score, which gave her a ranking of 6th place in her division.

“It lifts the morale in the spirit of the entire squad,” said Mr. Juan Carlos Moya, one of the Debate team moderators.

To celebrate this win, after the tournament the team went out to dinner together at Cracker Barrel. 

“We created a family,” said Ignacio Gamero when asked about the team dynamic.

The next tournament the Debate Team will compete in is on December 14 at Miami Beach High.