HoCo Preview for the Sophomores

Victoria Betancourt , Writer

ILS Homecoming Week is less than a week away. Here is all the information the sophomores of ILS need to know.

Monday is Color Wars. Orange is the sophomore class color. You can come dressed up in all orange, including accessories and minimum face paint. Also plan to stay after school, the SGA has a surprise in store for the student body. 

Tuesday is Twin Tuesday. On this day you can either dress up with your friends or come together as a class. The sophomore class decided to come in camouflage since they’re the forgotten class. 

Remember that minimal face paint is allowed, but do not cover your face. This is a policy set in the school for everyone’s safety. 

“I believe this will add unity to the class because during homecoming week, we get tighter and get to show our school spirit,” said Erica Rivero when asked about class unity. 

Wednesday is Theme Wednesday. This year, the sophomore theme is Teen Beach Movie. The class can’t come as bikers due to the fact that the juniors are doing Grease. However, you can still be surfers as long as you follow the school’s dress down guidelines and regulations. 

You can dress tropical, wear leis, sunglasses. The possibilities are limitless. 

On this day, the classes will perform their class skit. The skits have to do with the class’ theme for the year. Get ready to be washed away by the sophomore skit!

Thursday is Tacky Thursday. This day you can come in your craziest and weirdest outfits without penalty. 

Friday is Green and Gold Day. We will be having the school Pep Rally along with the Homecoming game and dance. Remember to go all out in the school’s colors and support our football team as they go against Calvary Christian. After the game we have the homecoming dance, themed as A Night At The Oscars.

Remember that the class gets more points depending on much unity is seen throughout the week and how much you put into your outfits/costumes. 

“Sophomores, without a doubt will win this year,” said Sophia Mena. “In homecoming prep, I saw everyone working together and enjoying the experience. The only thing that was brought to my mind was unity and with that unity, the sophomores will win homecoming week!”

Let’s win Homecoming Sophomores!