The More You Know about Social Media the Less You Like It


Isabella Estrada, Writer

Being one of the newest classes, Social Media has now been introduced to ILS for students to learn more about the effects some platforms have on this generation.  It is taught by Ms. Maria Cuesta, who is part of the English department and also head JV Volleyball coach.

Ms. Maria Cuesta

“Some of it tends to be negative but we also try to look at the positive side, like during Covid when social media was the main outlet of communication and staying in touch,” said Ms. Cuesta.

She explains how though a large amount of the information she gives in the class may seem obvious, it still puts the pressure to act differently towards social media.  She recommends this class to everyone and is very happy that she ended up teaching it.

Ms. Cuesta is not the only one satisfied to end up in this class, because the students are also very pleased. Students say it’s very interesting and that they have learned new information they didn’t know before about social media.

“Social Media has a greater effect than we think it does,” said sophomore Valentina Aguera. Valentina explains that students have to manage their time on social media, and how these apps are constantly trying to send notifications to get users back on the app. She recommends silencing notifications to prevent this from happening. In so doing, users also avoid the apps from tracking them.

There are numerous benefits from taking this class as there is plenty of room for learning the positive and negative effects of social media. Something to take into consideration is that this is a semester class, not a year long class. Although this generation may think that they know everything about social media, this class introduces new ideas and thoughts that some people may not be aware.


It’s funny, I didn’t really choose to teach this class I wanted to teach speech but it’s a semester class, but I am really happy I ended up teaching Social Media.”

— Ms. Maria Cuesta