All about ILS Homecoming Week


Class of 2020 Seniors Mikayla Sanchez-Torrelio and Sofia Concepcion enjoying the Green & Gold pep rally during Homecoming.

Sebastian Wolfe, Writer

ILS had their Homecoming week last week and it did not disappoint.

The week started with Color Wars with the Freshman wearing purple, Sophomores in orange, Juniors in blue, and the Seniors wearing red. Almost everyone came to school wearing their class color and their was a lot of school spirit everywhere.

The pep rally, consisted of many games and competitions between each grade. The final result of color wars was the Junior class winning the majority of the competition and with that they earned a free dress down for Tuesday. 

In the afternoon after school, ILS hosted LaSalle in Color which is a new event where people went around throwing many different colors on each other and it was a success.

Tuesday was Twin Day. Anyone could have came in any kind of outfit or costume with a friend that matched as well. Some of the classes even had themes that they wanted to follow. 

The Seniors theme was dressing up like the elderly because they are the oldest in the school. Juniors all wore college sweaters to portray the typical stressed out Junior. Sophomores wore camouflage because they consider themselves the forgotten class, and some of the Freshman came dressed up as infants.

Each department of the faculty even twinned. English came as 101 Dalmatians, Math in Frequently Asked Questions by students, History as Mr. Wexler, Foreign Language as ducklings, the Tech Department as Stranger Things, and finally the administration all came in nun habits.

Wednesday was theme day and class skits. The Freshman’s theme was Back to the Future. Sophomores had Teen Beach Movie. Juniors had Greece. Seniors had Avengers, and the Faculty had Harry Potter.

For the first time in LaSalle’s history, they decided to do an event called class skits where each class made their own skit and preformed it in front of the school. The skits were all surrounding the themes for each class.

The Sophomores won with their skit of Teen Beach movie. The Juniors and Seniors tied for second place with each of their skits, and finally the Freshman came in third.

Thursday was Tacky Thursday and it was as tacky as it sounds. Students had to come in their most tackiest or craziest outfit they could find.

Finally, on Friday we had Green and Gold day where all the students had to come dressed up in all Green and Gold which are the schools colors. Many people wore face paint and beads and other accessories to show their school spirit.

The final pep rally of the week was at the end of the day. All the sports teams were recognized and we got some performances from the dance and cheerleading teams. 

There were a few competitions between classes to determine who would win homecoming. The race was really tight but in the end the seniors ended up winning the whole thing.

Later in the night there was the football game. ILS had a special surprise with the mayor, Francis Suarez, a LaSalle alumni, doing the coin flip at the beginning of the game. ILS fell short to Calvary Christian unfortunately losing 27-8. 

The evening finally ended with the dance themed around “A Night at the Oscars.” The evening was filled with joy and everyone was celebrating what it meant to be apart of LaSalle.

Homecoming is a celebration of ILS, with the school opening its arms to its alumni at the annual pig roast and the Athletic Hall of Fame. It’s also a celebration of the school’s unique community and unity, which was on display throughout Green & Gold Day.