Drama Club Hosts 3rd Annual Escape Room Fundraiser


Alyssa Abril

Participants attempt to find the clues in the glitch room.

Alyssa Abril, Writer

This past Tuesday, the ILS Drama Club hosted its 3rd annual Escape Room charity event. The event was a fundraiser for the National Association Of The Bahamas. 

This is the 3rd year that the club puts on this event. This year the theme was “Will You Escape The Simulation?”

The Black Box and Costume Design classes were transformed into five different “rooms.” Each session had a 20-minute time limit. Most groups weren’t able to solve the puzzle in the time given. 

The event was a huge success and the club was able to raise $300 for the Bahamas. 

Drama Club president Giulio Torrens, a senior, was excited and proud of the event.

“Definitely seeing all our hard work finally come to together and seeing people trying to get through our puzzles,” said Torrens about his favorite part of the Escape Room. “It was really fun being behind the scenes the whole time.”

The participants started by watching a intro video where senior Cesar Camacho played a character named Reanu Keeves, who is trying to escape the simulation. Clearly a nod to the Keanu Reeves’ famous character Neo from the 1999 film “The Matrix.”

Once the video finished the participants put their electronics into a secure box and begin the escape room. 

The first room the group entered was the classroom where Reanu Keeves showed the group a video with a clues for the escape room. The participants then had to answer questions and decode a phrase to be able to go to the next room. 

Once they decoded the phrase, Reanu Keeves lead the group into the red room. In that room, there was an agent tied up to a chair who asks the participants questions so they can solve the next puzzle.

Once the group solved it, Reanu Keeves rushed the group into the next room as he said, “Hurry they are coming!”

Alyssa Abril
Drama Club members participate as actors in the escape room.

The group was then moved to a 30’s room where they were misplaced in time and have to find clues hidden around the room.

This is the room where most participants started getting stumped because some of the clues were hidden in places that weren’t easy to spot. While in this room, the agent in charge spoke on the speaker and informed the participants how much time they had left to escape. 

Once the group found all six, Keeves led them to the glitch room where black lights flashed over the participants. In this room group had to search for letters to help them solve the final puzzle. While in this room another announcement would go off about the remaining amount of time. 

Once the group found all the leaders Keeves led them to the fifth and final room…the wire room. Here the participants were given a paper with the alphabet and had to decode the final answer by using all the clues from the last rooms till they can to the answer…“deja vú”. 

If the group didn’t find the answer on time then red lights would go off and the agents would say they failed. If the group did solve it, then they would escape the simulation safely. 

The event was a success for Drama Club. The club hopes to have another successful event on November 8th, 2019 when they host the drama banquet “Hello Banquet.”

For more information on the banquet and how to get tickets please contact Mrs. Rodriguez at lrodriguez@ilsroyal.com.