Royals for Animal Life


Victoria Betancourt, Writer

Royals for Animal Life (previously RADAR) is a club at Immaculata-La Salle which helps animals in need. 

“Since most students only referred to RADAR as the animal rights club without knowing what RADAR actually meant, the executive board thought it would be a good idea to change the name to something easy to remember and for all to understand,” said Mrs.Alvarez, the club’s moderator, when asked about what inspired the name change.

It is perfect for any animal lover in the school who would like to help in any way while also having fun. 

This club usually goes to an animal shelter during March or April to find out what happens behind the scenes and to simply help out the animals in need. 

For the shelter visit, you must be 16 or older due to restrictions that the shelter has. The visit is used as a learning experience and happens yearly.  

They have meetings monthly and discuss what ideas they have for the club. From time to time, the club will have meetings and make toys for others and their own pets. 

This year, the club is making toys in the month of December to de-stress at the end of the quarter while also having fun. 

All meetings are held in 211 at 2:30. They are usually held the first Tuesday of each month unless stated otherwise.

The meetings aren’t that time consuming and are open to anyone who would like to join. At most, each meeting will be 30 minutes and end at 3.

 At each meeting, there is a new activity to do while planning for any upcoming event or simply the next meeting.

The Showbie code for the club is 537KJ for anyone interested in joining.

For more information, you could contact the executive board or the moderator, Mrs.Alvarez. She is available in room 211 and her email is