ILS Cheer Prepares for Competition Season


The ILS Cheer squad is preparing for competition season.

Alexia Menendez, Writer

The ILS cheerleading team has been working very hard, and with a tremendous amount of work, to reach their goal of perfecting their routine. They have brought in amazing coaches from St. Brendan High school.

These coaches are State Champs, with rings on every finger. Coaches Ceci and Vicky are known as amazing choreographers and at making state champion routines.

This year, the routine for ILS cheer team will be making it to states and winning first hopefully, with the help great coaches. They practice a lot and work hard to hit their stunts and make it to the top.

The team consists of juniors, sophomores and freshman; for most of the team it’s their first time competing. So the pressure is on to win states.

The team has high hopes on winning, especially with coaches Ceci and Vicky on their side.

After speaking to them, they believe the ILS cheer team will make it to the top, that’s with hard work and dedication.

The ILS cheer routine has finally come together and ready to win every school out there. They are going to a head to head small competition in Fort Lauderdale this up coming weekend so show off their routine. It will show every other school that ILS cheer is force to be reckoned with.

Every hope and dream of every girl on the team, is to win a state ring and be first and by giving it their all to win.

Hopefully will all the help given, the ILS cheer team will show the judges, and other teams who the ILS cheer team really is.