Tech Week for “Hello! Dolly” Complete


The ILS drama club presents “Hello, Dolly!” in the Bayshore Ballroom. The show runs from Dec. 11th to the 16th.

Sophia Rabelo, Writer

The week of December 2nd to the 6th, the “Hello, Dolly!” cast went through a trying tech week. The cast did the show over and over until they got the musical numbers and scenes just right. 

Tech week is a week where the technical crew of “Hello, Dolly!” and the cast join forces to do a run through of the show. During the week, tech mainly is worrying about lighting, set pieces, props, hair & makeup, and all of the other elements that go into producing a show of this magnitude. 

“Tech week is always hectic,” said director Mrs. Rodriguez, “but once we had our props and sets pieces the show really started to come together.” 

The drama club completed their tech week and are now prepared for opening night on December 11th.

It’s been a little difficult for the cast for tech week because of all the dance numbers, singing, and all the props and set pieces that they need to worry about. But luckily, the week ended on a high note.

Towards the end of tech week, the cast and tech came together and put on a good practice performance. With the help of the hard work on individual scenes and dances during the week, it made the final run through really come out great. 

Sophia Barreto, senior and lead for the show, would motivate the crew during tech week. 

“Part of it is helping everyone realize that however messy it might seem, the show will always come together,” Barreto explained.

“We have worked so hard so far, that there’s no doubt in my mind it will be perfect. But not everyone is that sure of it! As the lead it feels chaotic, but because it’s my third show I’ve come to realize that the nerves are just nerves. I guess I’m helping everyone out by being so excited.”

“Hello, Dolly!” opens at the Bayshore Ballroom on Wednesday, December 11th, and runs through Saturday, December 14th. All show times are at 7 PM. Tickets are on sale now. To purchase, go to the website or follow this link: “Hello, Dolly!” tickets.

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