Home Alone, A Movie Review

Home Alone, A Movie Review

Sophia Rabelo, Writer

On November 16, 1990, John Hughes classic Christmas film Home Alone released and earned 476 million dollars in the box office. Some leading actors are child star Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, and Catherine O’Hara. 

The movies starts out with lead Kevin(Culkin) is acting out the night before a big family trip and flight. His mother Kate(O’Hara) decided for a punishment to send him upstairs to sleep in the attic. Before Kevin goes he wishes that when he woke up that his whole family would be gone.

The next morning the whole family wakes up late and leaves hectically, not relishing that they left Kevin in the attic. 

When Kevin wakes up he is excited to no longer have a family and runs wild. Although this is short lived because he realizes that to take care of him self he must be responsible. So he starts buying groceries and doing laundry, as if he was a little adult. 

Just as Kevin starting to miss his family two burglars try to break in. When Kevin turns on the lights to scare them away, Harry(Pesci) decides to try agin the next night. 

Knowing that they’ll come back Kevin does his best to fool them, he makes it seem as if there’s a party going on at home. The burglars again decide to try again the next night.

Meanwhile the mother finally realizes she left Kevin and does everything possible to go back to her son. She eventually has to resort to taking a van ride with a polka group. 

When the burglars see that it’s only Kevin in the house they wait until night time to break in and scare him. But Kevin is prepared. 

Kevin sets the whole house in boobytraps, from swinging paint cans to falling hot irons and broken glass Christmas ordinates. He taunts the burglars all through the traps and on the last one leaves the house to a zip line to the tree house. 

Unrelenting, the burglars try and follow but fall three stories high. By the time there on the ground the cops are at the house, Kevin had called them previously before all of it.

The next morning, Christmas Day, Kevin wishes his family back and that’s the same morning his mother makes it home. They share a heartfelt moment and apologize to each other. And just as they break away from the door opens and the whole family comes in to be there with Kevin on Christmas. 

I love this movie, because of all its comedic moments and great nostalgia. It’s a heartfelt movie but also makes you laugh crazy because of Joe Pesci’s amazing performance. It also helps with the amazing acting from Macaulay Culkin, being that kid actor are hard to find. 

I would recommend this movie because it’s the perfect movie for Christmas. It’s funny for the kids and the adults to enjoy. The great nostalgia that you get when watching this movie is amazing, it makes you just like a little kid again.