School-Wide Assembly explains Dangers of Vaping


Mr. Andrew Cuddihy from the American Lung Association shared his experiences and the dangers of vaping with ILS last Tuesday.

Camilla Diez, Editor

On Wednesday December 10th, ILS gathered for a school-wide assembly with guest speaker, Andrew Cuddihy, from the American Lung Association.

Mr. Cuddihy has worked with the American Lung Association for 25 years. His work in public health began as a volunteer for the in 1993, helping children with asthma to cope with and manage their disease. 

This assembly took place in the gym, where the whole school gathered, to learn about the horrible effects of vaping on adolescents.

Andrew Cuddihy shared with the students the history of how vaping began and how there should be an end before the number of cases of lung diseases increase. He showed students a presentation that included charts that showed how throughout the years these cases of lung diseases keep increasing, and we need to take action before it is us.

Mr. Cuddihy stressed the dangers of vaping and what its doing to our health. Students were able to see the history and why vapes are being sold to young adults.

Ms. Varese reassured ILS students after the assembly via email.

“Remember, you are loved and cared about by so many people,” Ms. Varese said in her email. “If you are struggling with something, say something. If you need help, ask for it. Say no to drugs. Say no to vaping. Say no to texting and driving. Say no to harming yourself or others.

“Say yes to God. Say yes to doing the next right/good thing. Say yes to celebrating the gifts God has given you. Say yes to getting excited about your future (so say yes to studying)!”

This school wide assembly was very informative to all students regarding the dangers of vaping and the precautions we need to take. Say no to vaping, don’t let it be one of us!