ILS Sailing Team Victory


Magdalena Bolinaga, Writer

This Saturday December, 7th the ILS Varsity Sailing traveled to Sarasota for the South Point #3 regatta, where it competed against 23 other Florida sailing teams the morning after the ILS Winter Formal.  

The team finished second place, just three points out of first place and 11 places ahead from third place.

The day began with three straight first place finishes, but the breeze from the east died before noon which caused a three-hour delay.  A west breeze came in later to save the day with the current running up the course against the breeze. The race committee managed to get off just three more races.  

The seniors and the freshmen got to work together as a team and learned from their strengths and weaknesses.

Sophomore skippers Justin Callahan and Mitchell Callahan sailed with freshman crews, Caroline Caudron and Danny Riano, as well as junior Sabrina Fernandez and senior Chiara Kusmierek.

Even though the ILS team did not take home the number one place, we still did really well for a State competition against 23 other sailing teams. 

The next competition will be January 11 at Ransom Everglades and the ILS community should all come out to support our amazing sailing team