Student Learning Center Renovated


The new conference room in the SLC.

Noor Andre, Editor

During winter break, renovations were made to the SLC, the student learning center. A new conference room and meeting space was added, replacing Mr. Naranjo’s old office and a supply closet.

There used to be a tech office located in SLC. This office was used by Mr. Naranjo, the Educational Technology Coordinator. The rest of the tech team office space was located on the third floor of the main building. That room also included a conference room.

This conference room was moved to the SLC and Mr. Naranjo’s office was moved the main building with the rest of the tech team. This move allowed the conference room to be located in a more central part of the campus. It also allows for anyone who couldn’t navigate the stairs to attend any meetings scheduled.

The old conference room was converted to an office for the tech and marketing department. Desks were added for Mr. Naranjo and Ms. Capablanca, as well as adding a common space for the team to meet and work collaboratively.

Mr. Eric Taggart, Director of Technology & Media Relations said these changes have had a positive impact on members of the tech team.

“It allows the marketing and tech team to be in one space now, which is better then what we had previously. And best of all, the conference room is now more accessible and central on campus for anyone to use it,” Mr. Taggart explained.

The biggest change might be for Mr. Naranjo, who has been part of the faculty and staff of ILS since 1997.

“Change is inevitable,” Mr. Naranjo said. “The school is making changes at breakneck speeds and at the end, I will adjust to those changes. To be honest, I am a bit nostalgic about my little office as I have been there for 20 years. I will miss it a bit, but going to a new.”

Students and Mr. Doody use the new conference room to play video games during Super Kids-Super Sharing Day.

Faculty, staff, the Board of Trustees, and in some cases students, are going to be able to benefit from these changes.

During yesterday’s Super Kids-Super Sharing Day, the new conference room was part of the rotation of spaces students could enjoy. In the new conference room, students could play the Super Smash Bros. video game using the giant TV for the competition.

The room itself features a large wooden conference table with 11 rolling chairs.  There’s a large TV screen that can be used to project and meeting materials, and power ports are available for tech to be plugged in. Portraits of Saint Dominic Savio and Saint John Bosco adorn the walls.

The new conference room can be used by student clubs and other organizations, but administration and faculty have priority for scheduling the space. Anyone interested in using the space should contact Ms. Candy Cabrera in the SLC. Her email is

The last major renovation made in the SLC was in 2015 when media scapes were added. As of now the space in the SLC has been maxed out so there are currently no future plans for the SLC.