Royal Art Walk Preview


Camilla Diez, Editor

On Thursday January 23, the Royal Art Walk will take place to celebrate ILS Fine Arts students. This will be hosted in the Youth Center from 6:00-9:00 pm.

Students will be able to showcase their work through performances, paintings, singing, improv, graphics, and photography. Students have been working really hard to showcase their work.

“The fine arts department has been preparing all fine arts classes for the royal art walk. We are organizing improv performances, printing student photography and graphics, creating acrylic paintings, and many students are preparing special arts and crafts to sell,” said Ms. Wildenburg, the organizer of Art Walk.

The fine arts department has been preparing their classes and also many students will prepare their own special arts and crafts to sell.

“This year viewers can expect to see paintings of animals, student photography and graphics, performances from the drama students, karaoke, students selling their art works and crafts, and food for sale,” said Ms. Wildenburg.

After asking Ms. Wildenburg what she was most looking forward to she said the ambiance.

“Every year the students work hard to make this art night happen, but the actual experience is always so special and magical,” said Ms. Wildenburg.

Come out and support all the students as well as teachers of the fine arts at ILS. Join us at Art Walk to see special performances and art work as well as a nite to eat!