ILS Baseball Team Ready for Season

The baseball team has been training


The ILS baseball team is preparing for the 2020 season. Senior Justin Quintana will play a pivotal role.

Ryan Desalle, Writer

The ILS baseball team is about a month away from it’s first game, but the team is preparing for what they hope to be a great season.

Already in training mode, head coach Nathan Gomez is on top of the guys constantly on preparing them for their first game. On February 18th at Killian, the team will face off there first regular-season contest

“Our expectation is to play the game we love with tenacity, focus and above all purpose,” said coach Nate. “Our common goal is to better each other and face adversity together rather than as individuals. We have a tight knit group this year and they all want to prove to each other and the school that their hard work has paid off.”

Baseball isn’t just about winning, it’s about working together as a team and having fun while trying to accomplish the goal of winning. With hard work, dedication, and commitment the team will accomplish wins.

Before winning the team must prepare heavily, Coach Nate stated, “We have been preparing our bodies and minds since summer, baseball is a highly technical sport that requires a lot of repetition to ingrain certain movement patterns that translate to high performance on game day. These young men have been consistent in their work and preparation for quite sometime. Right now we are ramping up team practices and going away from individual drills, we need to make sure our arms are ready for the long haul of the baseball season.”

Not only is the team starting off on a good foot, but this year alone the team has recruited many new transfers, mainly seniors. These transfer students are very strong mentally and come from a history of baseball.

“We have several new players this year, including transfers,” coach explained. “The transfers being much more polished and mature bodes well for the varsity unit. They are highly competitive and hard working, those qualities almost always translate to positive opportunities come game day. Our freshmen class has adapted well to the high school environment and have been eager learners.”

Many baseball players are extremely excited for the season. “I am excited to see how this season turns out especially with the new transfers,” junior Nicholas Perez said.

There are seven seniors who will be major players on the 2020 team, including pitchers Justin Quintana, Zachary Barrios and Max Gullien. In addition, Damian Carames and Damien Sorondo will play key roles.

Quintana hit .489 over 58 plate appearances last season. Carames hit .400 over 65 plate appearances and led the 2019 team with 16 runs scored.

ILS baseball doesn’t have a home field on campus, so their home games will be held at a number of different locations around the city. Some of the games will be at the Tamiami Park fields off of Coral Way and 107th Ave. Others will be played at Barry University and St. Thomas University.

The team looks forward to practicing and getting ready for their first game. Check out the team’s schedule below.